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    Just finnished Yr 12, The worlds my oyster

    As most Australians would know, the hsc has just about come to an end, and with it has my 12 years of schooling.

    With the High school cert under my belt, i'm ready to venture out to what ive wanted to do for many years now, computer security and or network administration.

    Ive done alot of research of courses and certs that i need under my belt to make it into this industry, but theres such a large number it gets quite over-whelming.

    All the courses i generally need are located at a TAFE campus ( Here's the link to the courses currently running ) :


    I would very much appreciate if anyone could guide me to which courses i should set my sites on for breaking into the security side of things.

    Anyone able to shed some knowledge on how they did it, what courses they have completed, what certs i will need to attract employers and any other advice would be greatly appriciated!


    -- LankyGuy

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    Start w/ networking and OS's.
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    Once you have done a couple of certificates, it would be wise to do your MCSE & CCNA - These accomplishments will help you further your career, however i dont think that Swan Tafe offer these, as you can do them through Microsoft/Cisco respectively.

    - Im in Perth, where abouts are you?

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