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    And i expect that you will have no problemo's doing the surgery either johnno.
    Well I have downloaded the repair manual and had a quick look at it. It does seem reasonably easy to work on, particularly as it comes in two halves. There is a docking station that has a spare battery, the DVD drive, floppy drive, USB port and game port. The rest is in the main body of the machine.

    I think that the worst lappies I have worked on were the old Apple iMac3 and 4. It takes about 90 minutes to change a harddrive, and if you put the wrong screw in the wrong hole (there are about 20 of them) you will trash the motherboard.

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    another good reason i will never switch to a mac

    as for that laptop i agree it is too expensive, then again a laptop is always more expensive than a computer for some reason. imo an ideal laptop should be built with the intention of being on the move. so an ideal battery life is a given. like nihil said its more like a desktop. nowadays manufacturers seem to think that the ideal laptop is ur ideal desktop. idk about you but i dont want my laptop to have to stay plugged in, thats what my desktop is for
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    Hey Nihil just came across this site:


    Toshiba laptop disassembly
    Step by step instructions with pictures.

    Looks like it's got some usefulness.

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