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    Based around a P45 northbridge and ICH10R south bridge the Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme is definitely aimed at the higher end of the market. Considering that [H]ard|OCP discovered that "Bar none this is the most overclockable motherboard I have ever worked with." you can safely assume they have positioned it correctly. Really, it's only weak point is that it cannot support the fastest DDR3 DIMMs currently on the market.

    "Gigabyte sent over its enthusiast oriented EP45T-Extreme. It features the craziest chipset cooling setup we've ever seen and its' packed with features. Is it all show and no go, or does it walk the DDR3/P45 walk?"

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    I am not yet convinced by DDR3?...............maybe my next box but one?.... they really need to do something about the clock latencies?

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    Wait until the asus p6t deluxe is released in a little less then a month. It has SAS, TRIPPLE channel memory, a hand held Oc'ing tool that also can be used for other things inside windows such as yahoo widgets. It will be hands down the best MB ever.

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