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    Red face Pleased to meet ya!

    Hi Folks!

    Ive been a member of the site for some years but never really bothered to post or log in much. i check in on these forums here and there as well as others when time permits. That's what happens when you "live in a box".

    i apologize for not not being really active on this site as it is vastly informative and i frequent the site somewhat regularly. I hope to be more active in the future and perhaps pose some interesting questions as well as answers to some of the discussions.

    Ive been "into" computers and programming since the days of the old TRS-88's . im sure some of you dinosaurs remember those gems. hahaha.

    I will be making a point of being a more productive member from here on out so im sure you'll see me around. ill be focusing more on online privacy as it seems to strike a chord with me. Feel free to PM/IM me even if you just want to chat.


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    Well, let me be the first to officially welcome you to the site! What do you do now in that "box"?
    Goodbye, Mittens (1992-2008). My pillow will be cold without your purring beside my head
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    hah Well ive toned it down a bit in recent months.

    i work in the oilfield as a CnC machinist and programmer now.

    i try to stay on top of current events.
    recently i parted with a 42U rack enclosure full of toys as well as my commercial internet connection. basically all i was doing was working at work and then coming home and confining myself to my system.
    not too healthy. so i changed a bit. trying to be more social as it were.

    i AM however pretty interested still in online privacy and such.
    particularly i would like to compile a good bit of information and do some research on burning those spyware/adware bastards. those people in my opinion are getting a bit out of hand regardless of legislation. so id like to develop a better mouse trap. Im also going to be looking into this trend of ISP's "spying" on their customers traffic online. I keep seeing that pop up in the news " ISP gathering information and selling it to advertisers". doesnt quite sit well with me.

    lol i know i have high hopes.
    but not trying is failure in itself.

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