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Thread: Add to backtrack

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    Add to backtrack

    Would it be difficult to add applications into the backtrack iso? It fits neatly onto a CD, but one could presumably load it up all the way to 4.7 GB worth of fun stuff if they were willing to boot from a DVD instead of a CD. I don't even know exactly what I would like to add, but perhaps amarok or vlc, or even the compiz-fusion plugin.

    I'd research to check myself to make sure I didn't just write something stupid, but I'm kinda tired. Example: I don't even really know that backtrack uses the gnome could be kde for all I know.

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    The current version uses Slackware Linux.

    As it is an ISO, I would expect it to be bootable from a DVD as well as a CD, but I must admit that I haven't tried it. I know that you can put it on a USB drive.

    Given that, I would have thought that you could add applications and access them.

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    hey keezel,

    i have burned the backtrack ISO to a DVD so obviously that part is possible (to be honest i can't see why it wouldn't be), as it was the only blank media that i had to hand!

    although, i'm not sure why you would want the add apps to BackTrack. BT is a good security distro, but it wouldn't make a very good desktop distro, as this is not the aim of the project. i'm just guessing what you'd like to do with the distro, as i'm not sure why one would want to add Amarok to the distro, unless they wanted it to be more like a desktop distro??

    btw - KDE is BT's standard desktop.


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    You might try this:

    A while ago I had a triple boot with backtrack/XP/Ubuntu, the HDD was really nice, you could of course add anything you wanted. But I wiped out that HDD months ago.

    I did mess around with the thumb drive option, I got side tracked and I haven't got the persistent changes to work yet, but it boots and runs beautifully on a 4GB flash drive. Of course your hardware has to support booting from a USB device.

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    Yes, thank you! I did not realize BT3 was slax based...good to know. I wanted Amarok so I could listen to music when I mount my external HDD while doing what one normally does with backtrack. Typing in a command prompt becomes rather boring. Of course I could just buy an ipod...

    Thank you for the link Slartarama - I'm working through it now.

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    okay, now i get why you want Amarok. i usually just play music on another machine, but i can see why you would want to add Amarok to BT.

    to install more apps to BT, i would personally go with the bootable USB option (with persistant changes). i have a USB stick set up to boot BT with 3 partitions, for various uses, as follows:-

    sda1 - vfat - used just to store files
    sda2 - vfat - used for BT distro (bootable)
    sda3 - ext2 - used for BT persistant changes

    a problem that i have with BT, to which i am not sure there is a solution. is that i would like to boot into the persistant changes mode and make some changes (such as change the keyboard layout to GB etc). then i would like to be able to boot into one of the NON-persistant changes modes and have the changes that i made in the persistant changes mode applied, but have any further changes that i make, such as installing enhanced drivers, discarded when i reboot? if anyone has a solution to, or just any ideas about, this problem then i would be very grateful.

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