Well, this is what happened. The computer lab at my school has this certain copmputer that acts all weird as soon as someone logs on it and starts working on it. Like this week, a girl was typing her projecxt and suddenyl all her stuff started closing, her computer turned off then turned back on by itself and this person openeed microsoft word and taliking to her. He or she even knew her name, but he or she probably got it from her flash drive, which was in the computer. So this person started openieng games and stuff on the computer and the flash drive and playing them while she was freaking out and the teacher was trying to tell us to sit down and stop staring. Then when teh bell rang, the girl told him or her that she had to go becuase the bell rang and the person said "I know bye" and turned off the computer.

If this is a harmless prank, does anyone have any idea how someone connected those two computer's like that?