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So! It was you who was interfering with my pr0n surfing?

What worries me is that some 16 year old kid will be facing a felony rap when they find him out. That seems to be about par for the course these days?
Lol, What would worry me more is that you are on our network. Pr0n surfing. Don't think it hasn't happened recently. I just screen recorded almost 30 minutes of someone doing this last month.

But I'm thinking that most networks have something like VNC installed for Tech support like we do. If you support multiple sites, it's an obvious choice. Plus VNC vs RDP, VNC is slower but RDP locks the PC and the user can't see what is going on which is 99% of the time bad. VNC is good to sow people things and to leave a very small footprint. But it can be left wide open.

PS. I'd be a little put off if a 16 year old was on my network doing anything.