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    Capture all wireless traffic on my network

    I'm trying to monitor my wireless network and capture all of the wireless traffic but i cant get it to work. I'm running Ubuntu with an Atheros chipset wireless card (using the madwifi-ng drivers). I think i need to put my card in Promiscuous mode but cant figure out how to do so.

    Anyone have some suggestions on how i can do this?

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    To capture network traffic you need to use a program like etherial (wireshark). You can use this to capture network traffic and sift through the data at a later time.


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    Yeah i'm using that.

    I just figured it out, i guess the network applet was messing this up, i just killed that process and i now can hear most traffic on my wireless network. But cant hear it all. I can only hear stuff coming from the router, and not from the laptop. Shouldnt i be able to hear both? For example on my 2nd laptop i ping google.com, i can only see the replies and not the request.

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    Well not sure if this helps, but I've been playing with this a little bit lately. I'm running Ubuntu, Intrepid Ibex with a broadcom B43 driver. I got Kismet running and I know that monitor(promiscuous) mode works.

    Here's the kicker, I'm no expert but it's my understanding that when the NIC is in monitor mode it is just listening and not broadcasting anything.

    I know that when I am done with monitoring, I have to change it back to managed mode to connect to anything.

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    I'm using 2 different laptops, so the monitor mode shouldnt be an issue.

    I havent really had much time to mess with this lately, i will sometime this week.

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