Hi all,
I have installed exim with all of its components.
When I type:
netstat -an | grep 25

I saw "TCP LISTENING" and apparently everything is ok.
But when I use thunderbird and I set as default smtp outgoing server it doesn't work and says connection failed. I don't use any firewall.
I tried telnet:
mail from:...
(it says 250 OK)
rctp to:myself@yahoo.com
(it says ..accepted)
and apparently the email must have been sent.
But nothing is sent.
In this link http://knol.google.com/k/wei-chen/em...7/3?locale=en#
it's mentioned that you must create a windows user for ex. if you wanna
send as aaa@bbb.com u must have a user called aaa........I did so but again the same result. Nothing is sent.
Any help plz