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Thread: Which OS do you use for what Purpose

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    I have a desktop dual booting XP/Ubuntu. I rarely use Ubuntu on this rig b/c it's primarily for gaming.

    I have an older laptop with Ubuntu (no bells/whistles) for various things related to networking and web development.

    My wife has a decent laptop with Ubuntu with all the bells/whistles. She uses it because she's a bit prone to getting viruses/spyware and all she does is email, surf the web, IM, and use her various google apps.

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    Hello Everyone

    Main is a sony vaio vgn-e11m running slackware 12.1 as main OS.
    Secondary is an old ibm b0x with 2.4ghz and 512 ram running Slakware 12.1 again.
    Third box is an old p3 running an installed backtrack3 for testing purposes.
    An old p2 running slackware 12.1 just for backups within the lan and an rtorrent client running.
    An old p1 with 16 megs of ram running freebsd as an exterior router/firewall.
    Another old p1 (same as above) running freebsd as an interior router firewall.
    A p3 running apache and ftp (Bastion Host between the 2 bsd boxes (DMZ)) running slackware 12.1.

    On vmware im am currently playing with solaris 10 - openBSD - netBSD - debian - gentoo - smoothwall - devil linux.

    The setup may sound a bit extreme.. but its a nice hobby.

    Oh btw... i almost forgot. Between the DMZ and the adsl router (zyxel) i have a small switch and wifi for my dad and my sister. I didnt want to put them behind my system cause all they do is whine whine whine. For their usage the zyxel firewall/router does suffice.

    Cheers everyone.
    Ubuntu-: Means in African : "Im too dumb to use Slackware"

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    Dual boot Vista Home Premium (it works fine for me, dammit!) and (K)Ubuntu on my machine. My daughter's has (Ed)Ubuntu on it as a primary and a disconnected HDD with XP SP3 ready to go just in case.

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    I'm not naming all of them because it's too much typing, but my main boxes run this:

    SUSE Linux

    Slackware Linux

    Mandriva Linux

    Fedora Core Linux


    Windows 98

    Windows 2000 Professional

    Windows XP

    Windows Vista

    Solaris 10

    That sort of does it. We have a few other thingsh ere that run weird stuff I'm not even sure about, and I do have BeOS Professional 5, but not active.

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    Tell me guys, are all these virtualised or do you really have a machine for every distro here or are you dual-booting 10 different distros?
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    I use almost too many OS's to count.

    For the most part, Windows 2000, XP, and Vista are my primary desktop OS's, largely because I provide support for a living.

    I use Linux, primarily a customized Ubuntu, for dealing with many networking issues. I use Ubuntu Server, ClarkConnect and SME Server (CentOS) for quick and easy SAMBA servers. IPCop and SmoothWall are both gateways I've worked with (pfSense is my next custom gateway).

    With my newest generation of hardware, I've become a heavy user of virtualization, particularly VMWare's offerings (workstation primarily). That's where I've started losing track of what OS's I use.

    Nothing w/ Mac yet though.

    May I add, this laptop, a 4-year-old Toshiba, dual boots XP and Ubuntu. It's got a Celeron proc which limits using VM's on the thing. My Lenovo sports a dual-core proc, and tri-boots XP, Vista, and Ubuntu 64, and works quite handily with VM's.
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    I don't use virtual anything. I just have a lot of old machines and some newer ones I've set up with what I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cider View Post
    Tell me guys, are all these virtualised or do you really have a machine for every distro here or are you dual-booting 10 different distros?

    I have a mix of VMs and physical OSes. VMs work great for some things and not so great for others. But I try to keep my power bill down by not having all of the physical machines up at once.

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    my primary os is was windows xp but then i upgraded to vista just because i could. but then i started using ubuntu and i love it

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    Pc's and Os'es at our home

    - 'home made' desktop based on AMD AM2-4600, with dual boot Ubuntu / Win2kPro
    - 'home made' desktop based on AMD AM2-3800, Win2kPro
    - laptop Dell C500, Win XP Pro
    - work laptop HP-Compac nx6xxx serie, Win XP Pro
    - work laptop HP-Compac nx7xxx serie, Win XP Pro
    - SGI Indy workstation, SGI IRIX
    - test pc, CyrixII 233, triple boot Ubuntu / Fedora / Win98
    - backup: NAS 1TB

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