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Thread: Which OS do you use for what Purpose

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    Eileen once said she would divorce me if I brought another computer into the house........ so I brought a case, motherboard, processor, and the rest and built one in front of her.................
    I did that when the missus needed a PC for her school work, but as Joe can testify when it comes to "Tech" stuff she has very little interest.

    As long as she can access her Facebook and those FB games she's happy. If it stops working then it's up to me to fix it.
    But when it comes to replacing a part or wanting to upgrade etc i have to dumb the situation down so that she understands.

    Otherwise if i say hey we need to up the ram/harddrive/video card etc she will turn the PC on and say it still turns on what's the big issue?

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    Eileen is responsible for the last two additions here.....

    First was a 2.8GHz twin core from her workplace.............. I just goosed that with another GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD

    The other was her middle brothers birthday present.................

    Any chance of Eastern Brown or Inland Taipan eggs?

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