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    Win VM Running on Unix Server?

    Hey guys, long time no see. I tend to pop in and shadow around here from time to time, but haven't posted in forever.

    Got a strange question though -- I have a client who insists they are running our software through a Windows virtual machine hosted on a Unix physical server.

    I don't know much about VMWare (have only worked with the workstation side of it), nor Unix for that matter, but my understanding is Unix isn't much on graphical interface. Is it even possible to run VMWare on a Unix box?

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    Well, Linux at least. You can download, for free, VMware Server and run it on Linux. (I believe it's Ubuntu, RH, Suse and Debian -- it's been a while since I've mucked with Server).
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    Yes, VMWare can run on Linux. *nix does have a proper graphical interface but you won't need it. You're going to run the VMWare Console remote anyway.
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    Thanks guys, just what I needed to know.

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