LSA Secrets - what is it?
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Thread: LSA Secrets - what is it?

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    LSA Secrets - what is it?

    I cant find much info on the web for this. What is it? Is it just a location in the registry where windows stores passwords? What does LSA stand for?

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    That's from the local security authority service.

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    This article may help:

    Here is a tool to look at it:


    Download and use it at your own risk. Two of my security measures were less than impressed by my downloading it, so don't be surprised if your AV or security suite makes a fuss

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    Background on lsadump2: LSAdump2 uses DLL injection to bypass the normal access control on security information stored by the Local Security Authority (LSA) in a form called LSA Secrets ( Q184017 and Q230681 ).
    You'd need to be logged in as admin anyway ^^^

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