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    PC MAG Free Edition

    Hi peeps. Just in case you don't know, it is reported that PC Magazine is not going to be printing magazines anymore. It will be entirely based online. They are giving out a free subscription. Google it!
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    And here is the link: (Even though the OP should of just spent the few more minutes adding it.. )


    The print edition of PC Magazine will be discontinued from January 2009 as the magazine publishers have decided to go 100% digital. That means you will still be able buy a copy of PC Magazine like before but the mode of delivery will change – the monthly issue will land in your email inbox instead of the mailbox.
    Now here’s a more interesting offer – you can grab a one-year subscription of PC Magazine (Digital Edition) for free using this link. Type in your email and they’ll send you the download link as soon as a new issue of PC Magazine becomes available.

    Here’s a sample issue of PC Magazine digital format. You can either read it in your browser or download and read it offline.


    Looks like they are out of stock...

    So consider the link useless. They do give you the option to choose another magazine subscription though.
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