Need some ideas how to transform My Team.

Im looking for ways and if possible examples of how you solved the following problems. if possible any tools you may have used.

1. improve collaboration amongst your team
2.Improve collaboration between the different components or projects in the Program
3.Prevent charms ( ie the team has ideas on products and the customer whats the product but we seem to do the in between badly
4. managing a program with multiple projects (each project with its own team )
5. we have development partnerships with vendors how did you track and correlate the information vendors ( ie SW/HW roadmaps ) gave you and help you deliver better products/solutions
6.Best way to measure and track projects ( ie once KPIs or metrics have been defined) and tools you may have used.
7.keep program and projects in sync and the individuals working on these things together in terms of overall objectives / deliverables.

Essentially its a new Program level team thus the organisation has many projects going at the same time, links with vendors already but no real project management experience or program management experience. things are not being tracked, people dont know what other people/teams are doing, essentially they have the resources in place but they are not leveraging them.

So what I am asking is if you were approach to be program manager what kind of things would you implement and how.

so thinking along the lines of roadmap 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.