I have hosted a site on IIS 6. I want to assign some urls to the site for accessing it publicly.

Here's the structure of the Folders that I have hosted on IIS:

1. Root Folder --> Default.aspx

Now, I have a domain name that looks like --> www.xyz.com

Ideally, I would just enter the main url i.e "www.xyz.com" in the IIS --> Site Properties --> Web Site --> Advanced --> and enter the URL in the Site Identification area with port no. 80.

But, my current required needs that the above mentioned default.aspx page opens when someone goes to the url of kind --> www.xyz.com/blogs/

Now, IIS is not letting me make this kind of entry in the Site Identification area.

So, one of the options is that I should place my website folder with the structure like:
Root Folder --> blogs --> default.aspx

But, can this be done, using the IIS?