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    Windows c language compiler


    i'm looking for a C language complier for windows, the same as the one available in Linux GCC. i already found a relative version run in windows at SourceForge.net. the name of the release is MinGW 5.1.4.
    i found that the setup will download a 605 Mb. which i found it big.

    i want guys your advice for the best compiler i can use, shall i go for MinGW or there is better solutions.


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    I would use mingw - I've used it in the past and it seemed fine. I don't know where you got that size from, because the download for mingw at sourceforge only seems to be around 130k.


    Alternatively you could use the Microsoft compiler - the easiest way to get that would be to download Visual C++ Express (the IDE along with the compiler) from http://www.microsoft.com/express/vc/.


    [edit]Were you meaning that the setup is an online installer that will download the files it needs? If so, is there not any way to choose what you want it to download (i.e. is there not a custom option)?
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    thanks for the reply.
    i would prefer using mingw than Visual C++. regarding the size is just as you said the installer is 130Kb but downloading the files is 605Mb. i have no choice but to download it

    thanks again.

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