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    Exclamation SHPT Caml Query Error


    I use the U2U caml builder for queries and I use the shpt web services to retrieve data from shpt lists.

    I am facing a problem. When I want to get the data from a particular view of the list, I pass the view's guid in the getlistitems method and it returns me the rows belonging to that view only.

    However, when I try getting the data from a view based on a query, the query returns the data from the global view i.e. the all items view rather than from that particular view only, and as a result I get extra rows, what should i do to prevent this?

    For example, I have list called SampleList with 2 columns - StudentName and CourseName.

    In the view "all items" - I have 38 rows (i.e. 38 students, 19 are for course = Englist and 19 for course = MAths)

    and I create view, SampleView - where I have 8 rows only, 4 for englist and 4 for maths.

    Now when I execute the statement - GetListItems(listName, viewName, Query, viewFields, null, queryOptions, null);
    where viewName - SampleView and Query is null - i.e. no filtering.
    I get only 8 rows (which is perfect).

    but when i run the same query for the SampleView and with the query - course = Maths
    the result should give 4 rows from the SampleView but I get the 19 rows from the "all items".

    Where's the error????

    Thanks a lot

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