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    my sound card on my desktop sings with my hdd, cdrom, psu.. pretty much everything seems to come through on my pc..

    Guess I dont need a stethescope.

    (places ear next to speakers)... hmm.. might be bhronchitius..

    From my experience it just comes from putting the sound chip on board.. my chip is located near the power plug on my mobo.. about 2" from my sata controller and south chipset

    I solved this by getting an external sound card... it plugs in via usb and its ment for headsets.. works great, excelent sound quality

    something else you can try is switching to digital sound, using the optical port
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    Lightbulb solution

    I had this problem (when moving mouse, scroling on web page etc on speakers is hearing some noise) so googling take me here, solution is to disable "PC Speaker". I disabled all the option: Wave, SW Synth and PC Speaker, and last one seams to be the problem when enabled. Left only "Master Volume" enabled...

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    So, the problem is on the PC that has almost no shielding for the electricity.
    You could open it and check the cables, be sure they are fixed. Maybe you
    can find the source of the noise... or just move the speakers as far as possible
    from the PC.

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