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Thread: You Got Linux on my iPhone!

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    You Got Linux on my iPhone!

    Hack a Day has a short and sweet video of Linux 2.6 loading on an Apple iPhone. Very rudimentary stuff at the moment, but the door has been pried open...

    iPhone Linux - Hack a Day

    The iphone-dev team has created a new bootloader called OpeniBoot. The bootloader lets you boot into a Linux console, which you can talk to over a USB serial device. They’ve got busybox working, but there is no touchscreen support yet.

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    if there is no touch screen support, how can you control anything. the I-Phone only has the home key?

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    USB interface?

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    Yeah, they are using a USB interface to control it. Like phernandez said, it is pretty rudimentary.
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    Yuck... somebody spilled Linux all over my countertop. They even put it in my toaster!

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