I have recently started using Ubuntu and I am quite fond of it. However I have also come across several different variations of Ubuntu that i would like to also try out. I actually wouldnt mind using more than 1 at a time. Anyway, i wanted to make like a multi boot dvd containing the distros so i wouldnt have to make a setup cd for each one. Similar to like a windows all in one cd, but linux style.

The variations that attracted me the most, aside from Ubuntu itself, were: Mythbuntu- im into the media center thing and would love to find a replacement to the windows version
Ubuntu Studio- i am also an aspiring artist and im always looking for free alternatives to photoshop and the such
Ultimate edition- just for kicks, i am a casual gamer as well.

There is like a different version of Ubuntu for everything im interested in. Im realy anxious to start using these different editions. i only have a 80 gig hdd and I just setup a partition for vista home premium for about 50 of that 80 earlier today with the intention of just installing Ubuntu. But then i found these other ones and i want do all of em