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Thread: lost password

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    lost password

    I was wondering if someone would help to gain adminstrative access to my computer as i forgot my password. it may sound funny and i know i should of written down but it slipped my mind.

    Any help would be greatly apreciated

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    Hi and welcome to AO,

    First and foremost we need a little bit of more information. Such as, your operating system. In windows xp, you can boot into safe mode and gain access into an overall administrative account. From there you can change your password. By default, i think that account has no password so it should be fairly simple to gain access. windows vista might be the same way, but i am not sure. I just recently switched over to vista so im still in the learning process.

    Hope this helps

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    If you set the administrative password, and forgot it, booting into safemode will do no good. However, if you have not set it, chaosclown is right, you can log in as administrator with no password, and reset other user accounts. [In XP]

    If you can get this site to open, there is a cd image you can download, and boot off of, that will let you reset local passwords. Should work, unless you are using encryption within XP.


    I had some trouble getting it to load this morning though.


    If you cannot get it open, I am sure there are other download sites. It is just a linux boot disk that lets you reset local passwords.

    edit x 2:


    I think you can find it here ^^
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    insert OS install cd into cd drive
    follow install instructions
    write the ****ing password down on a sticky note and paste it to your monitor.

    Best practice. password = bank account and routing #
    Name your computer the same as your banks name

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    Dino...stop being the bastard you naturally are!!!!

    Even though we love you that way....

    And you are my hero...we all know bank account info should be kept private!!!

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    It wouldn't hurt when most people use administrative accounts to give their flavor of the month malware the ability to install drivers.

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    Wow.. I think I did that once

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    Put your windows install disc in and do the repair windows, and when it reboots and get's to the part to install "Device Drivers" press Shift F10 and it will bring up a menu and you can do stuff with passwords there.

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    Haii..... u can also use this soft for reset password.Trinity Reduse Kit for rest ur password in Windows XP or Windows Vista.... u can get this soft just search from google.....and write with CD as bootable Disc.....If u need more information contact me or search in google....

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    It is a Linux boot disk solution: please look here:


    I have not tried it personally, so will not comment further

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