I was going to go to Utica College to major in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance but I've decided not to go there anymore.

My plan now is to go to a Community Technical College in New Hampshire and get an Associates Degree. Reason for going to a Community Technical College first is so I can get all my General Education courses out of the way.

I would then Transfer to a 4-year college. The colleges I am looking to transfer to are:

Rochester Institute of Technology


Champlain College.

If I go to Rochester Institute of Technology, I would major in Applied Networking and Systems Administration with a concentration in Information Assurance or I would major in Information Security and Forensics.

And if I went to Champlain College, I would major in Computer Networking & Information Security.

My question for you guys is:

Which one of those two colleges would be the better choice????

I am going to apply to both college of course but I just wanted to know which one was better.