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    Yes a double post, but I just had to share my previous research into this kind of thing





    C'mon guys............ you just know that it makes sense

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    Sorry guys - they were doing an upgrade for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based applications and left the default passwords.. Couldn't resist.

    btw the new user and passwords are dinorocks.

    EDIT: Oh and JP, you almost filled all the tubes! Next time don't click on the link that says "DO NOT CLICK HERE"

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    Here is an update:

    The four undersea cables that were severed in the Middle East last week are under repair and could take up to a week before they're fixed, according to a BBC report.
    Three of the cables are presumed to have been damaged by a ship's anchor or a trawling net; the fourth cable to Malta may have been damaged by an earthquake.
    The SMW3, SMW4 and FLAG cables were all damaged within 40 minutes of each other last Friday, and the fourth cable, the Seabone owned by GO, went down several hours before.

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