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    Recovering saved passwords from slave drive

    I was repairing a laptop with a bad DC jack and the board had apparently died. Now I have to recover the data as well as the saved passwords in IE. I know I could use a program like SIW to pull the saved passwords from a drive I boot from. How could I do this from a slave drive? Is there a file with the password data in IE? Is there any way to read this file if the drive is not being booted from? The client isn't too worried about the passwords although he doesn't remember them all, but the issues posed a good question. How could I accomplish this sort of recovery?

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    Hello CB,

    You might try something like this:


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    Just run the siw standalone from the slaved drive it should pick up the psswrds in the secrets menu.

    if it's not in that menu just click around and it should turn up.


    And i have also moved this thread from GCC to GCD it's in a better area now.
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