I'm aware this isn't strictly a mac security issue, but it's still annoying the hell out of me! I'm a recent convert to mac and have a brand new imac. But whilst the rest of my network can see and access the mac, it can't see any PC on the ethernet network, all it picks up is the wireless connection to my laptop.

I'm at a loss to think why this could be and would welcome any suggestions.

Secondly I upgraded my Canon Printer and now for some strange reason, it refuses to share with the other PCs on the network. The older 4200 had no such issues, but the Canon IP4500 just will not work over the network, even though I ticked "share this printer". The colour laser printer which is set up as a print server is freely accessed so I can print from each PC, but it annoys me that I can only use the Canon if I'm working on the mac.