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    Grand Theft Auto Four(d Taurus)

    From WTVR via thebostonchannel.com

    WICOMICO CHURCH, Va. -- The parents of a 6-year-old Virginia boy who tried to drive to school in his family's sedan after missing the bus are facing charges of child endangerment.
    The boy told police he learned to drive playing Grand Theft Auto and other video games.

    So, I guess it's about time I stop letting my 2 yr-old play in the front seat of the truck...
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    That is typical!!
    If a nasty man threatens someone with a knife on the streat will his parents be done
    I think the Feds should be done for not getting thelittle lad sooner
    I have a 4yo and he mimiks everything I do, apart from the clutch cos his legs are too short!
    like life, this is a test

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