Hey All,

My latest fascination is with Microsoft Tag and I wanted to share.

Microsoft Tags are similar to QR Codes (for anyone familiar with them). For those that aren't familiar, think 2D barcodes. In the case of Microsoft Tags, the goal is for use in marketing, advertising and so forth. You simply take a picture of the tag on your smartphone and your browser will visit the website, the contact information will be saved, or a number of other things.

Many people have asked why Microsoft Tags over QR Codes. There are a few reasons.

1) By using colour, more information can be stored in a smaller tag.
2) Tags stats can be tracked and they can have expiry dates.
3) Again by using colour, even out of focus images can be decoded.
4) Tags can be used in conjunction with GPS

I've updated my profile picture to a Microsoft Tag that points to my blog. If you want to play with the software, download it here, if you point your phone at it, there's a good chance it will be auto-detected. After you've installed the software, simply run it and snap a pic of my profile pic. Your browser will be off to my blog.

Supported Platforms include:
# Android
# Blackberry
# iPhone
# PalmOS
# Symbian S60
# Windows Mobile