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Thread: controlling user accounts in windows 7

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    controlling user accounts in windows 7

    hi every one....

    will come straight to the point. i have this desktop at home to which everyone has an access to. now everytime i would return from my tenure from the ship, i would find everyones files in my "My Documents" folder. it was becoming a pain to sit and make folders for everyone and transfer files into them (even after repeated telling them to do so themselves).

    so i recently got me a 1 T.B. hhd and installed it on that one and made user accounts for everyone. why i didnt do this sooner is another story, will tell you guys later over drinks

    now this hhd i divided it into 300 gb for windows(c drive) and 700 gb for others (d drive).

    what i am trying to achieve is that....

    let c drive be for windows only and the d drive for documents. i know its possible to have a link to the documents in d drive. but then if i do that everyones files will fall into the same place, bringing us back to where we started.

    if on the other hand, if it is not possible to get the above settings to work. the only other option i see is deleting the "d drive" and making one big "c drive". that way one user cannot access the files of the other user. and me being the "admin" and the other two being the "standard users". i can keep in check the security of the system also.

    appreciate any comments

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    Stolen from the interwebz .
    1. Create a new folder that you want to assign as My Documents folder, if needed.
    2. Assign appropriate folder permissions if needed.
    3. Click Start .
    4. Right click on My Documents or Documents (for Vista). You can also right click on My Documents or Documents folder that appears in Windows Explorer, or in My Computer or Computer window (for Vista), then select Properties in the context menu.
    5. Click the Target tab (for XP or earlier version) or Location tab (in Vista).
    6. In the Target box (Target folder location in XP), type the path to the folder location that you want My Documents to be, and then click OK button. For example, D:\My New Documents Folder\. If the folder does not exist, the “Create Message” dialog box is displayed. Click Yes to create the folder, and then click OK .
    Alternatively, click on Move , then select a new folder that you want to move My Documents to, and click OK to select the folder as new target. Click OK at Documents’ Properties. If you need to create a new folder, click Make New Folder shortcut, or right click on blank space then select New -> Folder . Type a name for the folder, and then click OK twice.
    Note: The new target folder can be another place on same hard drive, another drive or another computer on your network.
    1. You have the option whether to let Windows move the files currently in the original My Documents folder to your new target folder. In the Move Documents dialog box, click Yes to move your documents to the new location, or click No to leave your documents in the original location.
    1. My Documents now point to new folder location.
    Go through this link How to redirect user shell folders to a specified path by using Profile Maker

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    heya dinowuff

    have the above configuration in my other desktop. the only difference is, that i have "c drive" on a completely different disk and separate disk containing the "d drive". all the files that are downloaded come either to this folder or to desktop and still need to be cleaned up.

    had a brain wave in the evening while i was driving around the town "clearing my head". i "extended" the C drive to 700 gb and "shrunk the D drive to 300 gb. left the rest as it was. now the family members can open their own accounts and download anything they get their fancies on. and i still get to control what gets installed on the computer.

    and if anyone wants to share some file or something, they can transfer it into the D drive which is accessible by everyone.

    that Profile Maker Console link looks promising. will give it a try.


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