I hope this is the most appropriate forum ... but I've been asked to make a template for an attendance sheet to pass round talks our local BCS branch is giving over the coming months.
We'd like to gather email addresses if people are willing, and inform them of future talks, and the AGM etc., ie hopefully gain some more members or make some idle members more active
I think people who are already BCS members are probably fair game to send out mail to, but members of the public might be a different matter.
If I leave an optional column for an email address, what else do I need to do before I'm entitled to spam <joke> that person with details of the next event, and on mass mailings like this, what do I need to put on an email?

I need an unsubscribe signature but the one below that we currently have presumably wouldn't work, as they wouldn't be joined up to the list in the first place, just tagged on as cc recipients.

To unsubscribe from this list, please use the 'reply to all' option and ensure the list email address is chosen. Please then send the message to the list address with
in the subject line.

Or, if you are sending from an account other than moira.atkinson@bcs.org, use the subject line
unsubscribe moira.atkinson@bcs.org
however, please ensure it is sent to the list email address.

Email Policy - http://www.bcs.org/policies/email/
Am I going to have to give my generic email address and ask everyone if they want to unsubscribe to email comms.newcastle@bcs.org, to email me?