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Thread: Group Policy /printers

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    Group Policy /printers

    Greetings to one and all .

    I have recently setup a print server using a old win 2k server we had in the office. Rather than have the users browse and install shared printers through the add printers wizard. I opt to use the http://server/printers for a list of shared printers and the users can download the driver using smb.

    My problem = I can not seem to find a group policy that allows my users to not be prompted for a log / pass as they connect to http://server/printers.
    I attempted to find the /printers html page in IIS to attempt anonymous access. I was unable to find it.

    My Question = Is there a Group Policy that allows anonymous accress to my http://server/printers file? Or is there a property setting in IIS that allows anonymous access.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Set the permissions of it in IIS and add "Everyone" in the user list.

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