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    D , E , F Drives Do Not Open

    HI AO's

    It was all of a Sudden When My 3 Drives Out of 4 drives stop reading on a double click

    1) D ,E,F Drives Does not Opens on if Doubled Clicked on them But C drives Opens On A Double Click

    2) D,E,F, Drives Opens Perfectly when right clicked on them and and then explored.

    3) I scaned the whole Computer by Norton Antivirus but NO Virus Or Threat Found in it

    I am Attaching a Screen shot of the Error Which Displays on double Click on the Drives

    I am Also Attaching CHKDSK result of the same computer

    Please Help me out friends

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Hi there KK,

    Your computer is like my neighbours' dog..................... it needs de-worming

    You can download a removal tool or follow the manual instructions here:


    Another one here:


    The first clue that it is not a valid application (apart from it not working) is that "resycled" should be spelled "recycled"

    Try downloading the removal tool and running it in safe mode.

    I would also try Spybot S&D.

    Good luck!


    You will need to clean your flash drives as well:

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    I recently had to fix a friends computer that was doing the same thing..

    here's the way that i was able to fix it.

    try going to my computer.
    Click the folder button and make sure view hidden files/folders is turned on and check your drives for "resycled" and "autorun.inf" files/folder
    They will appear in the root directory..

    If they are there then go to a command prompt and change the attrib settings to the "resycled" folder and the “autorun.inf” file

    attrib -r -s -h

    then while still in the command prompt just use the del command on both.

    then do a search for autorun.inf on your drives and after the scan just right click on each one and open with notepad or wordpad and check each one, and if any happen to have "boot.com" before a string of jumbled letters numbers then delete.
    the "boot.com hides in the “recycled” folder and when the “autorun.inf” files is loaded it loads the “boot.com” file and your browser will continually get redirected.

    restart computer and then go to my computer and click folder and check to make sure there both gone..

    this thing was not only not letting me access the computers drives it also decided that it would re-direct the browser to www{X}copy-book{X}com {Note don't click site got active malware} all the time a little and i did the above and it should solve the issue.

    Start Windows in safe mode, then click Start -> Run. Type in regedit and click okay.

    Now at the top of the registry editor,
    click Edit -> Find.
    Type boot.com and click Find Next. Every time it finds a new boot.com, press the delete key and then enter. It should find a dozen or so copies.

    Now, plug in any external drives or flash drives you have used with this computer.
    My Computer. Click Tools -> Folder Options -> View and select "Show Hidden Files and Folders" and click okay.

    For each drive, open it and delete the “recycled” folder and “autorun.inf”. Back up each “autorun.inf” before deleting them off external drives, because they might be important.

    Restart the computer and the problem should be gone.

    Any removable usb drives you've plugged into that computer will also be infected with the virus, so make sure you clean them out too (note if you clean your comp, then plug-in the usb drives it'll re-install itself)
    any computers you've plugged that usb drive into are also infected

    a summary of what this thing does - its installed itself as a windows driver with a random dll file name, you'll have to track down ALL instances of it and eradicate it completely. Booting in safe-mode will assist, the drivers wont show up in control panel or admin tools either as its hidden

    other things you will need to remove this damn virus
    malware-bytes anti malware
    SmitFruadFix Scan
    hijack this

    this thread should help you: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic191577.html

    if you download and install the latest version of those programs they should work fine without and update, the virus re-directs the update URL's as well. You will find its system-wide not browser specific!

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    Couple of other things:

    1. Clear and turn off system restore.
    2. Scan your USB devices and any removable or fixed drives that have a network share.

    You need to figure out where this came from or you will likely get it right back

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    Props to t34b4g5 for covering the issue so thoroughly.

    The only thing I'd add is that I would scan the USB drive from a linux or mac OS. I use Clam AV personally. You could possibly use a boot disc like Knoppix to do this.

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    an autorun.inf file on the root partition of all drives will show where the infection is located.
    These are a pain to remove as you have to look at every form of storage (hdd, usb, etc) to find em all so you dont reinfect.
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    That's why I would try the tools first with everything connected.

    Disable autorun and run the flash drive disinfector against removable drives.

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