I know, I know....he says after almost loosing huge amounts of data.

Heres the problem.

I downloaded a partition programme from download.com. Looked good. My pc was set up with xp pro and linux to dual boot. Its been great formonths.

I dedcided to remove the linux and thought the easiest way was to remove the partition with my new prog.

It all seemd to go well until I tried to boot the machine again.

It says grub loading error 22.

Tried a repair install..accept the licence and then it copies the files needed.

Back to the errorr message.

Got one stage furhter and it then says diskette search failure.

f1 continue...f2 setup.

I have loaded bios defaults.

Back to grub loading error 22.

I have used winternals to try and restore but it doesnt work although I can see the restore points.

All my info is there just wont boot.

PLEASE HELP I am going crazy.