Hello everyone.

Some time ago a friend of mine ordered an iPhone-3g from www.globalretailweb.com . Apparently he had been told that there would be a short delay in shipment. After a week he sent them the following email:

Dear Sirs.

Around 2 weeks ago i ordered an iPhone-3g 16GB (order number: <HIDDEN> and I was told that due to a problem with your vendor the delivery would have a delay of 3 - 4 days. In the mean time 1 week has passed and you still have not confirmed with me if you sent it or not. Also; You seem to have changed your
webpage and i cannot login with my existing account to view the status of the shipping track. Please let me know what is going on and if you can to fix my account at your website. My username for the account is
<HIDDEN>. In addition i have send you 2 more mails but i did not get any response.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Kind Regards.
Few days after they sent a response:

From: GlobalRetailWeb <globalretailweb@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 3:55 AM
Subject: www.globalretailweb.com
To: GlobalRetailWeb <globalretailweb@gmail.com>

Dear Customers:


We have been working diligently to fill your Apple product order that you placed recently on our website: www.globalretailweb.com

We have unfortunately been hindered by our merchant credit card company because of our rapidly increasing sales rate and by the fact that they have had enormous write-offs across the industry in the area of consumer electronics purchases. They, the merchant credit card company, has been holding your funds since the date that you purchased and are not releasing it to us so that your order can be completed. Further, they are not allowing us to Credit your account back while we are in this suspension period.

It is insane and incredibly difficult for us to understand how they are serving you or us by taking this position.

With this in mind, we are cancelling your order and informing you of their recommendations. They are telling us that you will be best served by contacting your credit card company or bank and simply requesting a chargeback for the order. Typically funds are returned to you in just a few days from your bank or card company.


The alternative is in 270 days when they release the funds we can refund them back to you. This of course is crazy so please do the chargeback as mentioned above.

We are sorry that we cannot serve you on this order. We are looking into alternative payment method that will be compatible with the types of products we are selling but at this point recommend that you make your purchase with a different company.

For those of you who like to flame us with grief, please understand that we have done everything we can possibly do to fill you orders. Keep also in mind that we did NOT get paid for your order but instead it was all held up in the Merchant Credit card companies. We have suffered tons of pain on this and hope that you will understand that we have had only the best intentions for all of our clients.

Steps to complete:

Contact your bank or credit card company and simply request a chargeback as you did not receive the product ordered. They will usually have you fill out a form and will usually return funds in 3-4 days.

Thanks for your understanding

Hydraficient, LLC

My friend told me that the payment was made via PayPal.

Today he talked to the bank and the bank said that they could NOT do a chargeback because the payment was made via PayPal. They said they will look into it. Also (not confirmed) is it true that PayPal would need 40 days to do a chargeback?

After my friend told me this.. i could not help to think about a scam. Am i too paranoid here? Has anyone else ever done any buisiness with globalretailweb?

Any ideas would be very welcome aswell as any advice on what steps to take.

Cheers everyone