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    Actually no it doesnt look like they make ghost enterprise edition anymore

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    Hi Cider,

    It is OK to test stuff for your own purposes, in fact you would be rather foolish if you didn't. [All the AV companies test their competitors' products but you never see them try to use the results in their marketing.]

    You can then say "We have tried the major solution providers in this area and product "xyz" is the one that we recommend and are confident in supporting" or something like that.

    There are a number of independent research organisations that test security software. I suppose you could use the results that they publish as they are in the public domain (you might have to subscribe to get the reports).

    Problem with that is the league table changes every time they do a test so the results may not suit your purposes?

    To be honest with you, when I look at software I will accept third party comments on whether it can do the job and all, but I would test for each individual environment for compatibility, resource consumption, and speed/performance.

    EDIT: As for VM; I would only teast in VM if the target environment was going to be VM. Otherwise the results might be unreliable and you may have issues that are a result of the VM.
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    Oh I asked at work about what happened to ghost corporate and Cider yes you were right.. sorta... haha I guess they took a few of their products and put them together in the package you found there.

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    Ill check it out

    Thanks for the tips.
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