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    DDoS a Whole Country

    It's a tactic used to knock websites offline, both big and small. But whole countries? You betcha.

    DDoS attack boots Kyrgyzstan from net - The Register

    The central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan was effectively knocked offline for more than a week by a Russian cybermilitia that continues to flood the country's internet providers with crippling data attacks, a security expert said.

    The attacks, which began on January 18, bear the signature of pro-Russian nationalists believed to have launched similar cyber assaults on the republic of Georgia in August, said Don Jackson, a researcher with Atlanta-based security provider SecureWorks. The attacks on Kyrgyzstan were so potent that most net traffic in and out of the country was completely blocked during the first seven days.

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    You'd think there would be better ways to disrupt a country's internet access than a DDoS... I mean look at why Pakistan "accidentally" did to YouTube
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    I pretty much managed to single-handedly hit every state/provice in the republic of malta. Sure, it's just an island but... *Shrug*

    Anyways eh... nothing new here.

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    You'd think there would be better ways to disrupt a country's internet access than a DDoS...
    Used properly, this is quite effective.

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    DDoS a Whole Country

    Thats nothing new. Seriously, espically, being *overseas*. I don't think so.

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    Sneaky Russians. Ay comrade?
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