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    Windows Autoupdate Blocking

    MS have announced the retirement of these tools.


    Microsoft Corp. is warning customers that tools for blocking automatic upgrades to the newest service packs of Windows Vista and Windows XP will expire in the coming months. In a note on a company blog aimed at enterprise IT professionals, Microsoft said the Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) blocking tool expires on April 28, while the one for XP SP3 expires May 19.
    If for some reason (usually legacy applications?) you cannot update some systems you might bear this in mind?

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    So basically they will be forcing customers to upgrade SP's no matter what...

    all aboard the fail train i say.

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    No, not really.

    I have just finished a job where the local network didn't connect to the internet, and ran Windows XP SP2 (apart from my box that now runs SP3 ).

    If it ain't broke you don't have to fix it. Their internet network was separate.

    I actually (for a very rare occurrence) agree with M$ on this one. If I were running a network I would want as few different builds as possible to reduce my support overhead...........wouldn't you?

    M$ are the same but the buck$ are bigger

    People have had 10 months to get their act together............If they haven't done it by now they have 4 choices as I see it:

    1. Update their legacy systems.
    2. Separate their legacy systems.
    3. Boot Linux and go bust (they can always blame that on the recession?).
    4. Buy a legitimate copy of the OS.

    On a purely personal and selfish note; I would far rather M$ deployed the resources in getting Windows 7 right, that in supporting obsolete service packs.

    Hell's teeth, they are already supporting Win 2000, XP, and Vista.............we should at least meet them part of the way.

    They aren't Vegemite mate! you can't spread them that thin

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