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    Router and FW Scripts


    this is not really a security question but i am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I work as a network engineer for an ISP. I have to configure new routers FW and switches on the daily basis. I have a certain way of configuring all of the routers and FW, that brings me to my question. Is there a way to script up the router and FW configs so that i can quickly change relevant information for a new setup. Something like a shell script, or a tcl. Basically i would like to generate a text config that i can then easily paste into the console. I am not really a programmer and i only have limited shell scripting skills on Linux based systems. I googled this extensively but i have only found TCL scripts to get the routers to do something but my aim is more to generate a config which i can then use.
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    We simply use text file template that contain a known working config, then we use FIND/REPLACE feature of text editor to make changes. You could use environment variables and shell scripts. Here's a brief example using the borne again shell...

    Create a a text file (hostname.profile) that contains environment variables that you want substituted into the template router config text file (startup-cisco-template.sh).
    In the config file instead of putting the literal values, put the variable names.
    You "execute" the profile to set the variables.

    . ./hostname.profile

    Then "execute" the template and redirect the output to the router config file that you will tftp to the router.

    ./startup-cisco-template.sh > startup-config.txt


    echo "hostname" $HOSTNAME
    echo "logging" $SYSLOGSERVER
    echo "!"
    echo "interface Ethernet1"
    echo "ip address" $GATEWAYADDRESS $GWNETMASK
    echo "ip access-group 111 in"
    echo " ip nat outside"
    echo "ip inspect myfw out"
    echo "ip virtual-reassembly"
    echo "duplex auto"
    echo "no cdp enable"
    echo "!"

    hostname antionline.com
    interface Ethernet1
    ip address 123.456.789.123
    ip access-group 111 in
    ip nat outside
    ip inspect myfw out
    ip virtual-reassembly
    duplex auto
    no cdp enable
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