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    Question Data security overseas

    Or: "can you trust Johnny Foreigner?"

    McAfee have done a survey (I know, I know):

    "Based on the survey findings, McAfee conservatively estimates that the global damage from data loss to top one trillion dollars," McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt said when announcing the survey findings today.
    And doubtless they have a magic bullet just about to launch

    However it is still an issue, with increased globalisation, outsourcing and offshore development?

    Article here:


    What do you guys think?

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    we Aussies are trustworthy - but we don't trust you

    I will preface this by saying that most of the work I do is with the Federal Govt and they are generally more conservative.

    Basically their rules say that your (govt agencies) sensitive data (anything above UNCLASSIFIED) cannot reside on overseas machines or servers (with access by overseas nationals). This basically puts an end to any discussions of outsourcing to non Australian companies, most agencies also have requirements on staff being Australian citizens.

    So I guess this has always been a rule that I have lived with so I haven't thought much about it.

    Unfortunately though I think those agencies then miss out on some potential efficiencies in High availability and outsourcing of managed services/call centres when they don't really need to (especially if you are signing non-disclosure agreements and contracts with multi nationals).

    Of course all that went out the Window a bit when senior government officials wanted to use BlackBerry, an exception was granted for the BlackBerry and its data travelling through RIM in Canada so as usual different rules for the big guys.

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