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    Smile Australian Pervert?

    An Oz gent was stopped by customs who found some unusual things about his personnage:

    OK, so he had two pigeons stuffed down his tights (it's summer over there?) and an interesting belt "containing plant seeds and other undeclared matter".

    An Oz man faces up to ten years' jail and "substantial fines" after Melbourne customs operatives discovered he'd flown in from Dubai with two live pigeons down his trousers.
    Obviously they are taking it seriously, but really should have offered him the option of swapping the pigeons for a rabid mongoose.............I would love to see one of those tackle a "one eyed trouser snake"

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    Uh.. OW?

    And definite... Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
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    Well here in Oz we call those little mens swimming costumes (the ones that are like briefs - generally made by speedo) Budgie smugglers (a budgie is a very small parrot often kept as a pet)

    This is due to the bulge that is evident at the crotch when a man wears them which apparently (although I am not sure who tested this) looks like there is a budgie stuffed down the front of his swimmers. Perhaps this guy was just confused between a budgie and a pidgeon and he was on his way for a holiday at the beach?
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