hey Guys,

i wanted to try out Slackware 12.2, and so i installed it to a partition on one of my machines. during the Slackware install, i chose NOT to install LILO. this left GRUB installed from another Linux install on the machine in question. i then added an entry, for Slackware, in the "grub.conf" file under the other relevant Linux install.

my problem is that i have never been able to get GRUB to boot Slackware; despite trying several different modifications to the "grub.conf" file. when i choose the Slackware entry from the GRUB menu, i just get the following error (after grub tries to execute the kernel command):-

Error 2: Bad file or directory type

if anyone has any ideas how to solve this problem, that would be awesome.

i did read an article; that said there is an incompatibility between newer versions of Slackware and older versions of GRUB, that is caused by the inode size used in newer versions of Slackware. which i think is a possibility because of the error message that i am getting from GRUB. i have GRUB version 0.97 installed, and if anyone could confirm or deny that the problem is being caused by inode size in Slackware that would also help.

i am considering re-installing GRUB, from a bootable GRUB CD, to see if that solves the problem. although, i have only ever installed GRUB through a Linux distro; and so there was one thing that i wanted to ask. if one installs GRUB, to the MBR, from a bootable GRUB CD; how does GRUB identify which partition the "menu.lst" file is on?

Thanks in Advance,

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