I need some guidance. Here is the story:
Win XP 'puter
missing the explorer.exe file due to ....??? It was causing me to only see the wallpaper at startup. NO icons, NO task bar. This was rectified. I now have full access to the desktop and task bar.(thanks to Nihil and others on the Operating system topic area.)
System is running AVG 8.0.
Now for the problem. AVG is detecting the above trojan in resident shield scan but it is always attached to a valid process. AVG only gives me the option to Ignore it also. I have run Spybot S&D, Malwarebytes Malware scan, AVG, and Hijackthis.
Spybot and MWB both caught things but did not solve the problem.
I thought of this afterwards and did not try it. But, everytime i would run a different virus/*ware scan, the AVG resident shield would detect the trojan. Everytime it would only allow me to ignore. Everytime it was attached to a valid process (in each case, the process was the virus/*ware scanner that I was running at the time. If i disable the Resident shield, then run the scans, will that clear it? or am I dealing with a special case. I cannot seem to find much info on it.
Thanks in advance for the help.
Len Q.