Okay, so I have a box on my LAN that is used as a development machine, server, backup system, etc etc.

Anywho, it runs Apache for Windows (XP SP3), and I prefer not to have to set up anything for ASP, .NET, or the like, so PHP/HTML/Javascript is my preferred method.

I've looked at project management, content management, revision, control, source control, and then some, but nothing fits my needs.

Does anyone know of software that will simply enhance the file exploration of a particular directory or drive on my machine? I suppose I'm simply asking for an amazing Windows Explorer replacement, but the ones out there don't help either. I need something that allows me to essentially have a folder full of files (either a project, bunch of pictures, related documents, etc) and have a web page associated with that folder and maybe a page, or section in a page associated with each file and then I'd simply link to each file or the directory.

I don't need anything as complicated as SourceForge, SiteForge, SVN, CVS or the like. It's essentially an incredibly enhanced file explorer. I'd prefer something that works off a web server, so all the pages are run off Apache/PHP or something, but an Explorer replacement on each client machine would be acceptable.

I also don't like the idea of using database software, flat files only and I can't seem to get Groove or Sharepoint to fit my needs.

Anyone have ideas?