Hello All,

I am having some network drive connection problems.

I have a server running Windows 2003 STandard Server

7 - Workstations running win XP Pro
1 - Workstation running Win 2000 Pro

Workstations are running F-Secure Internet Security 2009
-with firewall setting modified for network use.

The workstations access two main shares on the server (U: and V. The network will run fine for a little while. Then suddenly there will be no access to the shared network resources on the server. Even when the server is trying to connect to itself.

The workstations will show "network drive disconnected". TaskManager shows that instance of "MyComputer" as "Not Responding".

Initally I was getting an EventID of 3019 on the server. It suggested a network speed negotiation problem, also that there might be a MasterBrowser problem.

I disabled the MasterBrowser service on the workstations and the EventID 3019 error went away.

Any suggestions as to a solution?