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You know that the Indian press will cover that story. I take for example of when a major auto maker wants to make a factory in your local area, it's always in the local news of where you live, whereas it may not be elsewhere in your Country. Jobs is what it brings & to a certain extent, may at least appear to give your area a little more clout or bragging rights if you know what I mean.

I'm in the southeastern part of the States, namely in Atlanta. Many companies move from states up north down here to where the tax rates are lower for their businesses. And by times, many of it's employees will love down here with the company. The state I happen to live in, Georgia, is #5 on the top states for businesses to succeed in according to Forbes magazine. On this list, anyone with any amount of business knowledge knows that all of the states within the lower half have high tax rates, not only for companies, but also for it's citizens.

You are 100% correct when you state that the operating cost for companies is cheaper when shipped out of the Country, so when this happens, I exercise my choice in not to do any business with them.