Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've come on here. I just picked up this Cisco 857W router with built in ADSL. I actually only picked it up because I figured it would be cool to finally own my own Cisco router and it wasn't very expensive, picked it up new for $200. I later picked up Hawaiian Tel ADSL, wont be activated until the 7th of March. I know that I could probably just set it up and use Hawaiian Tel's ADSL modem, but I figure that if I have the equipment, I might as well.

I spoke to a Hawaiian Tel rep for technical help and said I had my own ADSL modem built into my router and didn't see information in my package that states the PPOE authentication information. According to her, there is no username and password, also they don't use PAP or CHAP.

I also wanted to know if any of you knew if my ADSL modem built into my Cisco router is compatible. I spoke to a guy who said that they use ADSL 2 and my router only uses 1. Kind of baffled my mind because I never knew there were different ADSL version. I do remember reading that ADSL was 8Mbps down and they claim that I should receive 11Mbps down. Maybe it's a newer version?