Hey guys,

I already have my BS (Computer Science) and was looking into getting an MS in Information Systems. I would go Computer Science, but I didn't get a programmer job out of college and it's been way too long.

I currently have my CCNA (CCENT + ICND2) and have passed my CCNP BSCI exam. I just finished my two classes at the PCATT covering BCMSN and plan on taking the test in two weeks. BTW, the PCATT CCNP classes are 18 classes, twice a week for 9 weeks (for each exam). I plan on finishing my CCNP (all four exams) by July. My company is also sending me to training with Juniper and I expressed the interest in getting my JNCIA shortly after the boot camp is over. I figure I might as well, before I forget it all.

People at work, I work at a Telco, have been saying that I'm going too fast and should cool down when it comes to certifications. I guess they feel that I don't have enough experience. It's pretty crazy, most of them don't even have their CCNAs and make it seem like it's some incredible certification that should only be held by someone with awesome skills. The fact that I'm going for my CCNP and there are guys at work that have more skills with Cisco routers than me is adding more fuel to the fire. If you ask me, a couple of them guys are just selling themselves short and should probably take more initiative.

Anyway, I've been thinking about certifications lately. Is there a rule of thumb about work experience and certifications? Should I wait until I have more experience before I even attempt them? If so, I figured I might as well just go for my Master's Degree while I'm waiting.

BTW, I have about 5 years of IT experience, 2 working LAN administration and 2 doing work with a Telco.