Clear outlook email address cache from Server
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Thread: Clear outlook email address cache from Server

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    Clear outlook email address cache from Server

    Oops, ment to put in general computer not general chit chat :x

    We use outlook 2003 and exchange 2003 for email. We recently moved to a new server. Everything is working fine, except cached email distribution lists. If people just type in a list name, and it shows up in the cache, it does not send. If they pull the same address from the address book, it sends fine. At this point, they have 2 of the same address in the cache (when they start typing, 2 of the same entry show up in the drop down, but only one will send correctly)

    I know you can clear this cache by deleting the N2K file on the client machine, but we have 100's of clients, and since the n2k file is nammed after the outlook profile, I can't think of an easy way to delete all these files accross the whole domain (can't manually delete while outlook is open either, was thinking about just mapping to all clients and deleting that way, still would take forever)

    Is there an easy way to delete that client side email cache without hitting every single machine out there? Something in exchange perhaps?
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