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    I am not getting this..

    what does dyndns.org have to do with this at all???

    Is this a hosted vpop

    or a vpop server???

    I think that will make a huge difference on whether you canpop it or not....and probably for security reasons is why you can omly access it through VPN...hence a local non routable ip

    Why not contact thier tech support???

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    You "could" open up port 110 (you would also need to open up port 25 if you want to send mail) so that you could use outlook from home without the need to VPN. You would also need to port forward from the router to the local IP of the VPOP server. However, depending on how your email server is setup (authentication, relay) , opening up the ports may cause you several headaches.

    You need to ensure that users are getting authenticated for both receiving and sending. You also need to configure smtp to ensure spammers cant use your mail server as a relay host. Suggest you read the VPOP knowledgebase and/or contact VPOP tech support. Both are free.

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