hey whats up every one I know I havent been around in a wile but when you need answers you cant find this is the place to go.

Well here I go I am trying to make a forum and i really dont know much about php and web design just the basics so I figured I would make it easy for me and use phpbb and host it using godaddy. Now heres my problem I uploaded all of my files onto my godaddy server and when I try to open it in my web broweser to get to the configuration and install pages it says the file dose not exist why it dose this I do know know I have read all of the install and set up prodecures on the phpbb web site and on godaddy and non of them them give me any clue to what might be going wrong nore is there a help/problems file/paper on the installation of phpbb on there web site. so dose any one have any ideas on ware I shold look next or even a diffrent forum template I can use that may be better.

Thank you for your time and help.